""VINCENT" the Storyline

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"VINCENT" is a psychological Thriller with some weird SciFi twists.

 Here, the Storyline: 


Late night. After an argument with his wife CLARA, VINCENT -a young

father enable to handle home pressure and a new born baby- wakes up

alone in his car, parked in an isolated gas station. For the first time in a

week, Vincent feels free from the pressures of home life.

Voiture sur un parking

A black SUV appears few feet from his car, motionless. Vincent gets of

his car and approaches the SUV with tinted windows. He cups his hand

around his eyes and press in to look closer when spots blood appearing

on the glass window! Inside the SUV a woman struggles against a

mysterious ATTACKER who is holding a Stanley knife.

Vincent rushes inside the gas station building. The Attacker emerges out

of the SUV and starts chasing him.  


Will Vincent escape from this startling nightmare?

What if this traumatic night was the only way for Vincent to accept who he really is?


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Miguel Rodriguez 11/18/2010 01:41

You are really pulling out the stops with this production diary! I look forward to more entries!