Being Scared...

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That's a deep emotion to be scared.  I have always been fascinated by it. It wakes up your survival instinct. Makes you feel alive.


For those who have watched "DERAILED", I tried to put the audience into Eric's feet. Making them as scared as the main character inside the story. A living experience.



Well, with "VINCENT", I  am facing a new challenge: putting the audience into Vincent's brain.


That was exactly what I was seeking, when I started writing VINCENT's script: a path into Vincent's brain and soul.


Movies like "ANGEL HEART" by Alan Parker or "The Machinist" by Brad Anderson have been exploring main character's mind in a very talented way.  I hope I will modestly bring my own vision to the screen of what a internal mind experience is.




"DERAILED" worked more like an weird trip toward the unknown. As a Director, I am looking for an enclosed experience inside someone's mind. I hope you will like it... At least, I can promess you, You'll be scared : )


Update about Kickstarter pledges: "VINCENT" gathered 13 Backers today. It will give me luck for the future. You can too by just checking  this link . Take a look at the list of gift you can get for a 10, 15, or 25 bucks pledge. Go ahead. It forth it and will bring a great deal of help. Talk to you soon buddys.


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