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  • 5 first minutes of "VINCENT" Script

    19 November 2010 ( #SCRIPT )

    Writing Vincent has been a long and exciting process (merci Karim for your help and support). Searching for the right pace, like in my previous work in "DERAILED", Exploring Vincent and Clara relationship, Understanding Vincent's path in the movie......

  • ""VINCENT" the Storyline

    15 November 2010 ( #SCRIPT )

    "VINCENT" is a psychological Thriller with some weird SciFi twists. Here, the Storyline: Late night. After an argument with his wife CLARA, VINCENT -a young father enable to handle home pressure and a new born baby- wakes up alone in his car, parked in...

  • The Storyboard of "VINCENT"

    27 November 2010 ( #VISUAL ART )

    Here a review about the storyboard, just for you: Capturing the essence of a movie on the paper is not an easy process. Let's get some music first (for European internet users, sorry...): It takes time and patience. I have been working almost three weeks...

  • Visual references

    23 November 2010 ( #VISUAL ART )

    Visual references are essential tools to help you visualize your film or to share it with a crew even before the movie exists. I have been digging through several sources to find ideas that best express the colors, mood and frames of Vincent (here, the...

  • Production Poster of "VINCENT"

    15 November 2010 ( #PRODUCTION )

    Having the Poster of your film before it actually exist, in my personal experience, is not just a marketing approach. It is i think a great way to find the style of film you want to create. This is exactly what happened after i finished this: On this...

  • First sight on different ''locations''

    17 November 2010 ( #PRODUCTION )

    The last few monts, I have been doing some location scouting around San Diego. Here are some Gas station, I've found so far. What is interesting in the inside out glass doors: When VINCENT will be trapped it's gonna be a perfect shoot. Him outside screaming,...


    15 November 2010 ( #CHARACTERS )

    Vincent is a late father, unable to manage the pressure of home life. Free lance journalist, Vincent tendency to move from places to another, and chase people’s life is still very strong. Being a stable father was never easy for him. This is why sometimes,...


    15 November 2010 ( #CHARACTERS )

    Clara has always been a fighter and a keeper. Her and Vincent has been married for 4 years now. Clara trusts Vincent. He's someone she can trust and stay in peace with. But Vincent’s has changed since the accident. he is more and more distant from their...

  • Finding the right VINCENT: actor references

    06 December 2010 ( #CHARACTERS )

    The casting process is a really intense and surprising experience. I have been searching VINCENT for 4 months now with some references for the lead actor. In SAN DIEGO and LA, I met really talented actors and actresses, keeping the same goals in mind:...

  • Being Scared...

    07 November 2011 ( #SCRIPT )

    That's a deep emotion to be scared. I have always been fascinated by it. It wakes up your survival instinct. Makes you feel alive. For those who have watched "DERAILED", I tried to put the audience into Eric's feet. Making them as scared as the main character...

  • 'VINCENT' reached his goal!

    03 November 2011 ( #PRODUCTION )

    Asking for support is sometime the hardest work on earth. Thanks to all your support, the 'VINCENT CAMPAIGN' reached his goal. Here more info about the shooting of 'VINCENT': A video about the CASTING of VINCENT:

  • VINCENT the complete Script

    06 February 2011

    The COMPLETE SCRIPT of VINCENT is NOW Available. Enjoy - It's Only 19 PAGES. Comments Welcome!

  • 'VINCENT' has a new Title: 'SEIZURES'

    28 July 2012

    It has been a long time since I post an article. The post production porcess of ...'SEIZURES' was long but here we are. It am very proud to show you the first TEASER about the film. Enjoy it...and give me your feedback: